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The metaverse is a new frontier of social communication where ideas, brands and people interact in a new way, a place where instead of viewing content,
we exist in it
We consult on the interaction with the metaverse
design and build an object in the metaverse
organize virtual concerts, events and meetups
transfer real world experiences to the virtual realm
craft marketing and PR strategies to launch
a brand in the metaverse
organize an interactive quest game
create digital clothes
consult on the interaction with the metaverse
draw up an offer for investment
we will guide your brand through the metaverse
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digital wedding agency
We organize weddings
in the metaverse!
Mark Zuckerberg
Our goal is to become a metaverse company
our cases
what you can achieve in the metaverse
Decentraland Metaverse
We have organized a 1,5 hour program to get acquainted with the project: Q&A with the founders, DJ, virtual bar, 10 mentions in the media.
Party on a yacht for
the Fringe Finance DeFI ecosystem
maff art fest
We have built an art park of 20 objects and attracted 10,000 users with the help of community members.
Decentraland hackathon
christmas tree
We have explored the possibilities of combining virtual experience with a real object.
Users were attracted through the game, and 890 NFTs were distributed for marketing purposes.
Turtle parkour
We have held the first online hackathon and gathered 300 content creators in the metaverse.
Metaverse wedding for
We built a wedding location with a heart-shaped building and held 3 weddings in one day inside this building. 500 guests. 27M media impressions.

davi showroom
We've built a showroom of the brand in Decentraland and created digital clothes.
City hall San Fransisco
wedding location
We have built the location for weddings in the metaverse.
A newlywed couple can get an NFT certificate
of marriage.
the Sandbox metaverse
wedding locations
Maff office
in the Sandbox
Villa for
NFT collection
We have designed a villa where the NFT collection opening will take place.
We have developed 3 wedding locations: a floating island, a beach and a marriage registry office. They are going to be used as part of the virtual wedding agency.

Maff Metaverse headquarters with a gallery of NFT paintings, work stations, gamification and quests.
the Sandbox hackathon
We have created prototypes of 6 locations: gallery, concert venue, office, apartments, educational center and conference venue.
Founder of
CEO of
Maff Metasverse
Project manager
Partnership manager
Partnerships & Engagement manager
Technical Team Lead
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