Hackathon in the Decentraland Metaverse
This is the first online hackathon dedicated to the development of art objects for the Decentraland metaverse.
We have brought together designers and developers, and created objects that were later presented at the Maff Art Fest.
This hackathon was supported by a $30,000 Decentraland grant.
15 teams of 3-5 people took part in the hackathon;
15 objects were developed;
330 users competed to participate in the hackathon;
3, ooo users attended the opening of the hackathon in the metaverse;
100,000 users visited the Art Park that featured hackathon objects;
100, 000 people - media coverage (publications in the media);
20, 000 people - Maff audience watching the hackathon (website, Youtube, telegram channel).