Our goal is to create and support a community of metaverse creators

We are Maff Metaverse, an agency that builds experience for brands in the metaverse. We guide brands into the metaverse, build metaobjects, create content and popularize the metaverse.

Why should you join our creator community?

  1. Networking!
  2. To be in the know. Because the metaverse is a 2022 trend and a rapidly growing industry.
  3. An opportunity to manifest your creative ideas through Maff Metaverse events.
  4. To find a job. The majority of our commercial projects are realized by the creators from our community.

How do I become part of the community?
Join the group Metaverse Creators to be up-to-speed with the news. Designers can join the group 3d designers, programmers can join the programmers group
Fill out the creator form, so that we can reach out to you and collaborate on commercial work
Events for creators

Metaverse explorers
We arrange a call on google meets and discuss the latest projects and news.
Send @zhanna_maff your email and she will send you an invite
Participate in Hackathons
We already held a hackathon, the first of its kind in Russia, that was dedicated to the development of objects and an art-park for Decentraland. But we aren’t stopping there!
Creator meet-ups
The main idea of meet-ups is to talk about your current projects, exchange experience, get to know other creators. Meet-ups will be announced on the group
I have a potential client for Maff Metaverse
Maff Metaverse already has many big clients.

We see a huge potential of the metaverse and are always open to new interesting proposals. We are among the very few companies in Russia that operate in this emerging market.

If you have a client interested in the metaverse, please email us a detailed offer and company description at and we will reach out to you!
The recommendation will be rewarded when the deal is closed!

Maff Metaverse
We are explorers and trailblazers of the metaverse.
We open up opportunities for progressive brands and investors.
We unite experts and shape the market.
We train the pioneer specialists of new professions.
Office in Argentina: Buenos Aires, Santa Fe 3928, 5 piso
Office in Metaverse: Decentraland, Cryptovalley