26-28 November,
past event
It is the first online hackathon in Russia, dedicated to the design of art-objects for Decentraland.

We unite designers and developers who are tasked with creating objects that will be presented at Maff Art Fest in the span of 3 days.

Possible objects include a building, a gallery, a quest, a performance, a 3d sculpture – anything that could serve as content for Decentraland. You are welcome to visit our office if you wish to better understand the nature of objects in the metaverse.

Each team will have 2-5 people, including designers that create a 3d model and developers that animate scenes.

The hackathon will be held online with some events happening in the metaverse.
To develop art-objects that will be presented at Maff Metaverse Art Fest on December 11th
To create an art-object for the general sponsor
3D designers
You don’t have to be a metaverse expert, but it’s important that you’re able to draw a 3D model (any software is ok but blender is the most convenient)
Programming experience in the metaverse is not required. But you need to know Java Script or Type Script
Product managers, marketing managers
Anyone who wants to have a go at working with the metaverse
Socially engaging and dynamic team work, a chance to join a community of specialists that work in the metaverse
A creation of the metaverse art-objects. Best projects will participate in Maff Metaverse Art Fest
New skills
An opportunity to create objects for the metaverse and get access to lectures by industry experts
Winners will be awarded prizes provided by the sponsors
Hackathon prizes are provided by our sponsors
≈ 5 000 USD in blockchain tokens (35 000 tokens)
An upgrade for team laptops with liquid cooling system
50 proto comets will be distributed among all participants. These comets can be used to generate unique planets in the metaverse
Each hackathon participant will receive a 5000₽ value certificate for a Realtime School course. Winners will be awarded with a fully paid Realtime School course of their choice
Free “Unity game developer” course for members of the winner team. In addition, all hackathon participants will receive a 45-50% discount for SkillFactory courses via a promocode

wearables Decentraland by DAPPCRAFT agency


Эксперты и ЖЮРИ
Alexey Pomykanov
Maff Founder & CEO
Ivan Podmasko
Scrypta and Synoptic founder, first explorer of the metaverse
Dmitry Demakov
Maria Mironova
Frontend-developer, a creator of systems for driverless cars at BMW and videoconferencing at Algoritmika
Max Marka
Chief Designer, General Director of Max Fabrique - a unique interior design development and implementation studio
Ilya Ermilov
GameFi specialist, technical writer
Olga Ylchenko
VR/AR expert
IT Business development
Marat Minulin
Senior Frontend-developer, ex-Yandex, speaker, author of technical articles and developer-enthusiast
Artem Zarubin
3D Designer at Maff
Christian Nikonetz
Head of 3D at DAPPCRAFT
CEO DAPP CRAFT (jury only)
Alexey K

1 October
1 October
Hackathon registration open
20 November
20 November
Registration closed
23 November
23 November
Selection of participants
26-28 November
26-28 November
Maff Metaverse Hackathon
11 December
11 December
Maff Metaverse Fest 
How do I register for an event?
Simply fill out this form
Who can participate in the hackathon?
3d designers (using any 3d software, but blender is preferable), JavaScript and TypeScript developers. Unity-developers (but you will need to write code in TypeScript). Experience working with the metaverse is not required
Can I participate as a team member?
Yes, you can participate with your team
Can I register if I don’t have a team?
Yes, you can join one of the other teams – to do that join our chat for the participants

Do I need to have metaverse-specific knowledge to participate in the Hackathon?
Special knowledge of the metaverse is not required, but you need an understanding of development or 3d design. 3d designers (using any 3d software, but blender is preferable), JavaScript and TypeScript developers. Unity-developers (but you will need to write code in TypeScript)
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